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Welding Process

This is a cracked rim

Our wedling process starts with us visually inspecting the rim to ensure it can be welded. Not all cracks are weldable. Cracks that appear on the face of the rim usually can not be repaired. In these cases, we can work with you to find a refinished OEM rim to match yours. Cracks on the inside barrel of the rim are the most common and best out come for repair. Sometimes you may not know you have a crack in your rim other than you notice low air pressure in your tires. A common cause of low air pressure is a cracked rim. Along with repairing the crack we check the rim for true and will straighten it if you would like. We always recommend straightening because what caused the crack likely also bent the rim.

This is a the same cracked rim repaired

The area around the crack is sanded down to give us bare alloy to weld to. We weld the crack starting on the bottom side and once that is cooled we weld from the top. This method ensures a strong weld. We then grind down the weld to make it clean. Next we sand down the weld to make it smooth. We then apply a primer to the rim to protect the area we welded and sanded. This can be seen in the photos.